Zero Conflicts

We're ad-free with zero financial conflicts and never sell or share personal information

Washington University faculty and staff involved in the development and maintenance of Cancer News in Context and its related risk assessment tools – You Disease Risk, Zuum, and Your Health Snapshot – do not receive any pharmaceutical or other commercial health-industry money for compensation, research, or other purposes; nor are they retained by any such industries to provide input to industry policy or practices.

Cancer News in Context, Your Disease Risk, Zuum, and Your Health Snapshot also do not sell or share any visitor information with outside parties or post ads of any kind. The sites are supported by funds from Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

For details on how this approach sets us apart from many scientists, physicians, and websites, see the New York Times article:

 A Better Health Quiz (specifically about Your Disease Risk)

For two examples of poor privacy and conflict of interest practices, see these articles:

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