Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obesity: Broad Reach, Broad Fixes

There was a very nice piece this morning on NPR's Morning Edition building on a study released earlier this month that found that being persistently overweight from young adulthood on can have a profoundly negative social and economic impact on individuals - this in addition to the already well-documented health effects of overweight and obesity (NPR story) (study link). After a quick review of the results and implication of the 20-year study, the story, by Patti Neighmond, goes on to discuss two issues very important to this blog's contributors:  the importance of prevention and creating a supportive environment when it comes to controlling the obesity epidemic.

We've detailed the individual choice/environmental influence relationship in a number of other posts (related posts), but it's good to see (er, hear) it gaining more and more momentum in the media, government, and beyond.


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  2. And the new CDC data show that the proportion of the population who are obese continues to rise. See their full report and links to state data ( Its time to take this seriously to avoid the longterm costs to the nation in lost productivity and increasing health care expenditures.